Home Makeovers

Bricktiles are ideal for complete home makeovers to solve rising damp or regular paint problems

Many options are available when doing complete exterior walls, get in contact with your nearest franchise!

We offer a 25 year guarantee that the bricktiles will never fall off!

Exterior Wall Makeovers

Bricktiles offers you a boundary wall fully facebrick finished!

Plastered walls and water don’t mix well, but Bricktiles love water!

Having a facebrick finish boundary wall gives your property a new look, maintenance free!

Corporate Makeovers

Bricktiles offers corporate clients many solutions to maintenance and revamping options.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When passages in malls side walls have bricktiles it never shows dirt or shoe scuff marks.

Bricktile applications on exterior projects offers peace of mind knowing that it leaves a natural authentic look  without all the maintenance problems

Check out these examples!